Settle For More When A Birth Injury Alters The Course Of Your Child's Life

Consider this staggering statistic: for every 1,000 children born in the United States, an estimated five will be injured during childbirth. Many of these could have been prevented by simply upholding a reasonable standard of care.

Martin + Fielding is an Oklahoma law firm you can turn to for help when your child suffers a birth injury due to medical malpractice. We can help you obtain compensation through a lawsuit and prepare for life after your legal matter is closed.

We are two highly experienced lawyers who have focused our careers on medical malpractice litigation. With 15-plus combined years spent in defense, we know how to build a strong case against hospitals and insurers with extensive resources and entire teams of attorneys.

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What Is A Birth Injury?

Birth injuries can take on many shapes and forms. They can be caused by physical trauma, medication errors, inadequate screening, failure to diagnose, respond to or treat complications, improperly timed C-sections, poorly trained or overworked staff, and many other forms of substandard care.

They can occur during pregnancy, labor and delivery or after a child is born and frequently result in lifelong disorders or disabilities. Common birth injuries include but are not limited to:

Doctors Are Not The Only People Who Cause Birth Injuries

It is important to note that the health care provider in question does not need to be a doctor in order to be capable of inflicting injury. Nurses, dentists, technicians, and hospital workers are also trained medical professionals, and are each required to follow a specific standard of care.

A serious mistake made by any such provider constitutes negligence, and deserves the immediate attention of Martin + Fielding. Call our office at 800-594-9269 or contact us by email if you believe you or your child was physically or mentally damaged during pregnancy or childbirth.