We Help You Prepare For Life After The Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit can give you answers about what happened to your child, hold parties responsible for the harm liable for their actions and hopefully help prevent future harm to others. A major component of any civil lawsuit also involves seeking compensation through a settlement or verdict, but your life is lived outside of the courtroom.

When you choose Martin + Fielding to advocate for your child, you choose lawyers who look well beyond the settlement or verdict. We help our clients obtain the best results possible. In our minds, that includes helping you prepare for your and your child's life after a birth injury lawsuit.

When we think about a request for damages or a settlement, we plan for the financial aid and professional assistance your child will need in the future. We also help make sure that you have access to the resources you need. These could include:

  • Paying for ongoing treatment and care
  • Developing lifelong care plans
  • Establishing living trusts
  • Protecting Medicaid benefits
  • Connecting you with a network of qualified specialists to help with the physical, mental and educational needs of your child
  • Obtaining mobility-assistive devices such as a wheelchair van
  • Making home renovations necessary to accommodate a child's special needs

Learn How We Can Help You Plan For The Future In A Free Consultation

Choosing the right attorney is a big decision when the litigation involves your child. We encourage you to get to know us and learn more about how we can help you. We charge you nothing for your initial consultation and work only on a contingency fee basis.

Schedule your free consultation with an attorney by calling our office in Oklahoma City at 800-594-9269. You may also complete our online form, and we will contact you.