Your Health Is As Important As Your Child's

No words can describe the incredible joy of becoming a parent. Your life is forever changed the instant that little child comes into the world. The moment you realize you are pregnant, you start preparing the room, eating the right food and avoiding dangerous activities. Every decision and every choice is made with your child's health in mind.

It is understandably easy to forget that there are two patients. Mom's health is equally important and equally at risk during pregnancy, labor and after the child is born. At Martin + Fielding we help mothers who are injured when medical professionals fail to treat them with the care that they are entitled to receive.

If your child or the mother of your child was harmed during childbirth, call our office in Oklahoma City at 800-594-9269. We represent mothers throughout the surrounding counties.

Mistakes That Can Harm Maternal-Fetal Health

Medical professionals, whether it be a technician, nurse, OB/GYN or Maternal-Fetal Medicine (high-risk pregnancy) physician, can all make mistakes that put a mother's health at risk. They can all be held liable for their careless actions or inaction.

Failure to notice or treat symptoms related to the following, but not limited to, can cause serious or life-threatening injuries and constitute malpractice:

  • Bleeding during pregnancy related to placenta previa, placental abruption or uterine rupture
  • Bleeding after childbirth or postpartum hemorrhage
  • Pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis
  • Preeclampsia, recognizable by high blood pressure during pregnancy
  • HELLP or hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelets
  • Heart issues such as cardiac disease or arrest
  • Strokes caused by decreased blood flow to the brain
  • Issues relating to maternal-fetal conflict (disagreement between a mother's choice/right to privacy or doctor recommendation)

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