How to Deal with Wheelchair Injuries?

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Approximately 1.3 million Americans are housed in nursing homes or supported homes, with nearly 80% of those living in wheelchairs at least once daily. While wheelchairs are intended to help these residents travel, these devices can cause severe injuries when they are used improperly or not monitored. The caregivers are responsible to guarantee that people including wheelchair users they are safe from preventable injuries. In this situation, you can contact Oklahoma City injury lawyers as soon as possible if they are ignorant and accidents take place.

Misuse of Wheelchairs in Nursing Homes

The neglect and overuse in nursing homes is troubling. Although many people may need a wheelchair to be mobile, many can walk and be put on wheelchairs for a relaxed staff and to prevent liability for accidents. Regrettably, there can be other harmful effects on the elderly instead of preventing injuries.

  • Drug impact. It can lead to painful and dangerous pressure and get sored to sit on a wheelchair, particularly without proper padding for a long time. 

  • External problems. Lack of movement can increase your risk of constipation, infections of the urinary tract and other internal problems.

  • Higher quality of life isolation. If you are confined to a wheelchair with limited mobility, you can feel isolated when you are forced to use a wheelchair.

  • Damage to the skin. The muscle strength required to push wheelchairs could lead to pain in the shoulder and the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Although wheelchairs are required, overuse of them can harm people more. When the best interests of thenursing home are put before the best interests of patients, a positive outcome is seldom achieved.

Badges that happen commonly in wheelchairs there are other safety concerns in nursing homes for people that are physically disabled and are confined to wheelchair. In addition to stress, intra-home, muscle and other injuries which spend so much time in a wheelchair, there are other hazards and dangers which can be avoided, and which are also normal in nursing homes. Some of the most common causes of injuries to wheelchairs due to poor judgement and neglect in care homes are:

  • Drops or tip-over. A kick-off or a wheelchair is the most common type of accident in a wheelchair. This should not be allowed to happen when patients were properly supervised and supported

  • Low maintenance. Unmaintained wheelchairs can be damaging. Padding, brakes and other problems can cause injury.

  • Incorrect packing. The move to and from the wheelchair is one of the most dangerous steps for patients. Nurses can forget to stop braking, placing the patient down or having fingers in the wheelchair while they're moved or some other appendages.

  • Accidents in the engine system. If safety precautions are not followed, patients who are confined to the wheelchair and need support can be injured seriously on stairs, lifts or in the transport vehicle. Fatal injuries occurred if wheelchairs are not locked or belts are not fastened so that if the vehicle stops suddenly, the person does not drop out of the wheelchair.

The reality is that many older people and many other caregivers were unnecessarily injured in these facilities due to the abuse of the wheelchair and neglect. Adequately trained and successful practices prevent many of these accidents and injuries.

Were Your Loved Ones Injured in a Nursing Home in a Wheelchair Accident?

In most cases involving wheelchair injuries for care homes, the nursing staff and caregivers are deficient. In these cases, the hospital where an incident occurred can be sued for the recovery of medical expenses and associated suffering. Our home care lawyers have retrieved compensation for seriously injured patients in wheelchair accidents.

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