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Oklahoma City Surgical Error Lawyers

Surgical Mistakes Occur Both In & Out of the Operating Room

Your surgical treatment begins before you ever step into the operating room and lasts through your postoperative care. Malpractice at any point in the process could be cause for legal relief. A bad surgical outcome is the first warning sign and when you should call Martin + Fielding in Oklahoma City at (405) 673-2377 to have an attorney evaluate your case for free.

We have successfully handled many cases involving surgical errors related to:

  • Lack of informed consent: Doctors are obligated to warn you of the risks associated with any procedure, advise you of the benefits and talk to you about alternative treatments. You must then make an educated decision to consent based on that information. If the information was insufficient, you may have a claim.

  • Lack of required skill or training: You trust that your doctor has the requisite skill to perform a procedure, but this isn't always the case. You may have a claim if a resident was allowed to operate without supervision, a doctor performs a procedure they have never tried before or performs a procedure that requires specialized training.

  • Failure to communicate: From diagnosis to outpatient treatment, surgery requires communication. All pertinent information needs to be included in the medical documentation, all necessary equipment needs to be in the operating room and postoperative care instructions must be accurate and followed appropriately. Any miscommunication could result in a wrong-site surgery, improperly administered medication and other mistakes.

  • Failure to follow procedure: There are strict procedures in place to help avoid surgical errors, like leaving a sponge in a patient because the staff did not count and recount the number of sponges both before and after the procedure.

  • Operating while impaired by fatigue, drugs or alcohol: Those who work in a hospital often work long hours and have unpredictable schedules. Operating with little or no sleep is as dangerous as operating while impaired by drugs or alcohol, and both can lead to mistakes such as nicking an artery.

  • General negligence: In other cases medical professionals may simply be neglectful in their duties. They might have the proper training, education, skill and sleep, but surgeons commit malpractice when they cut corners or fail to uphold the minimum standard of care their job requires.


Was Your Surgical Staff Negligent in Their Duties? We'll Investigate for You.

If you had a bad surgical outcome or suffered post-surgical complications, you should consult with an attorney. We offer free consultations to help you determine if you may have a case for malpractice. Call us at (405) 673-2377 or send us your information to schedule your consultation with a lawyer.

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